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Engagement Photograper Styles And Formats

Oct 29

It can be confusing to understand engagement photography. Each style has its own strengths that allow them to capture certain emotions among family members and friends, while still maintaining good relationships.

This will be a lasting marriage proposal!

Why are not all photos posted? Why is it that not all photos are posted?

These are some of the most common styles and formats for engagement photography by 

Pure Photojournalistic Engagement Photography

A photojournalistic engagement shoot is a simple, unassisted process in which the photographer takes a few people out and takes photos. You will need to look around until you find the ideal spot. Next, set the scene with props from nature. Keep the photographers and subjects separated so there is no distraction during these precious moments.

Manhattan Beach in Los Angeles is a prime example of a beautiful location. It's also the spot where they met and are able to capture their love on film.

The couple can be seen playing on the pier or walking with towel-clad feet as the waves crash onto the shoreline.

Photos of Assisted Engagements

As the photographer helps you select scenes, assisted engagement photography can be more traditional and nostalgic. It is great for couples who don’t know where or what they want to shoot. This allows both parties to feel at ease being photographed by someone else while still maintaining genuine interactions during photo shoots.

This session allows the photographer to get recommendations from clients on different locations. The photographer then chooses one location per event and time frame. We do this within our comfort zones to ensure that everything flows smoothly together.

Combination Of Photojournalistic And Assisted Photography

Combination engagement photography is a great way to capture your love story. You can find something for every taste.

One example would be an outdoor photoshoot in Orange County near Laguna Beach. They would begin with portraits, then go on to scenic bluffs to capture all the beauty of the day.