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These are the Top Tips Before You Buy a Diamond

Nov 19

You may be new to buying a diamond or wholesale diamonds at This can make it confusing for people who are trying to find diamond jewelry.

1. Be careful when making a compromise

Diamonds can be very expensive.

2. Before you purchase a mined diamond, consider other options

There are many ways to mine diamonds and make beautiful engagement rings.

The most common engagement rings are made of diamonds. But, colored gemstones can be worn every day and are very versatile. Gems such as aquamarine and morganite are also popular.

3. When buying a diamond, quality is paramount

A grading report should accompany any diamond.

4. There are many ways to get diamonds

While most people prefer round diamonds, you can also use other shapes.

These shapes can be larger than the round ones of equal weight.

The square princess-cut ranks second after that of the round. Our shape-specific guides can help you find a shape.

5. Prices are affected more by carats than their appearance.

The carat weight of diamonds can have a significant impact on their pricing. Because diamond prices per-carat rise when they are larger than certain benchmark sizes, or "magic figures", such as 1.50cts and 0.50cts,

Diamond prices rise exponentially when the carat weight increases. A lower carat weight could have an effect on the price.

6. Keep Color and Clarity Simple

Both clarity and color are rated.

7. Before you buy a diamond, do your research

Research is always good. Quality can be affected by many things.

8. Always, Always, Before You Buy

First-time buyers should find a diamond that looks great. Your jeweler should be capable of showing you the diamond in the intended setting from various angles.