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Photography Studio Salford

Jan 10

Greybox Studios is a top Manchester photography studio based in Salford, UK the studio specialises in creative photography for the commercial market. The team at Greybox are highly skilled and experienced photographers who can help with all aspects of your commercial photographic needs from initial consultation to final delivery. 

The studio offers a full range of services including

Product Photography

Product photography is an important part of any business. Whether you’re selling products online or offline, having high-quality images that represent your brand effectively will be vital to your success.

At Greybox Studio we have years of experience working with businesses across many different industries and sectors. We understand the importance of capturing the right image for each project and our approach ensures that every client receives the best possible service.

We work closely with commercial clients, including high-street names, to ensure they receive exactly what they need and want

Food Photography

Food photography is an area of commercial photography that has seen huge growth over recent years. With increasing numbers of people eating out on a regular basis, food photography is now one of the most popular areas of commercial photography.

We offer a wide range of food photography packages ranging from simple still life shots to fully animated sequences. Our food photography packages include everything from set up and styling to post-production editing and printing.

eCommerce Photography

eCommerce photography is used for a variety of purposes but mainly as a promotional tool to sell more goods. It’s also used by eCommerce companies to promote their own websites and products. These images are very high-quality and are taken using DSLR cameras.

Our eCommerce photography packages include everything from initial consultation through to final delivery. This includes:

• Set up and styling

• Post-production editing

• Printing

• Delivery

Corporate Photography

Corporate photography is often used to support marketing campaigns and advertising campaigns. It’s a great way to promote your company and show off your products and services. Our Corporate photography packages include everything from consultation through to final delivery and include:

• Consultation

• Styling

• Editing

• Prints

• Final delivery

Here at Greybox Studios, we already work with several household name brands to deliver photography for their marketing projects and have a great track record of customer satisfaction.

Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is growing rapidly within the industry and this is due to increased demand for fashion imagery. We aim to produce Here at Greybox we use a mixture of traditional film and digital techniques to create stunning images.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you with your next photoshoot then please get in touch today!

We offer a wide range of fashion photography packages which include everything from consultation to delivery. 

Greybox Excellence

Creative, disruptive, excellent - these are the working maxims of Greybox Studios and we excel in the production of commercial imagery to the highest and most exacting standards. Why not get in touch today.