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7 characteristics of a quality family photographer

Sep 29

Photographers are skilled with as much detail as you can imagine. If you googled "Pillowcase Photographers," I bet you would find something useful. I assume you are looking for someone to photograph your pillowcases. We're not going to get too narrow. 

This week we are focusing on the family photog, one of our specialties. There are many styles of family photographers near Victoria. Some are highly processed and meticulously produced, while others can be raw and still shot on film. We fall somewhere in between. 

Photographers of almost any style can produce beautiful work. It's all about taste. But, are they a good family photographer? This question goes beyond what the photos look like.

Let's look at what makes a photographer a great family photographer. It is a little more subtle and less technical than you might think.

They are more than just comfortable.

Many people are uncomfortable or awkward around children they don't know. A good family photographer is not. A family photographer Victoria bc comfortable with children of all ages feels at ease with them and doesn't feel surprised or 'thrown off by them. A child's pure enthusiasm can give them a sense of creative energy.

They are comfortable with adults as well as young children. They can recognize and appreciate the complex relationships among siblings and incorporate their observations into the images they create.

They are patient and remain positive.

It is impossible to be frustrated when a family photographer works with children. Although children are naturally slow at almost everything, it is important not to rush them. A great family photographer should be able to work at the child's pace and maintain a positive relationship with them. This means much more waiting, and the photographer must remain positive even when great opportunities pass.

There are often quirks in family cultures, and sometimes there can be a lot of tension. It takes patience, positivity, and mindfulness to be mindful of these things and have a positive experience for everyone.

They share a vision, but they aren't married.

I hope everyone who considers themselves a photographer has some vision for their work. The same goes for family photographers. A good family photographer must have a trusting relationship with their vision. Family photographers need a vision to be able to make creative choices.

A family photographer must be able to change their vision at a moment's notice due to the unpredictable nature of small children and unexpected family dynamics. Perhaps most important, a good family photographer can be happy with, excited about, and still satisfied with their work, even if it's miles away from their original vision.

They come in a variety of different configurations

Unpredictability is a common problem for family photographers. Photographers who work outdoors often need to find creative or stylistically appropriate ways to photograph indoors. Studio photographers may have clients who decide at the last moment that they will wear green instead of blue. 

The equipment of a good family photographer is equipped to handle various situations. Shy babies may need to be able to get closer than 6 feet. Children who run around have larger lenses. If the weather is bad, they have some lighting that can be used in an emergency. A great family photographer can adapt to unexpected circumstances and use their skills to capture those moments.

They know who is 'in charge.

A family photographer who is good at photographing children knows they are not in charge. Family photo sessions are determined by the children's personalities and the circumstances that are less under the photographer's control. 

If children are young, it is not possible to give instructions. A whole group's temperament is determined by its members. Everyone must be happy or as cooperative as possible for the photographer to get good photos.

The family photographer is a good one. They don't have to be the authority. A family photographer who is a good friend and ally will seek to build trust with children.

Final words

These aren't the only qualities that make a family photographer great. However, it is possible to find photographers who lack some of these qualities but still do amazing work with families. You can almost guarantee that you will find someone with all these qualities and whose work you like. You can contact professional Alyssa Orrego Photography as they have extensive experience in family photography.