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Hillock Green is not just a home; it's a lifestyle upgrade

Nov 3

Introduction: In the heart of Lentor Central, a transformative development is taking shape. Hillock Green Condo, the latest residential marvel by United Engineers Limited, a Yanlord Land Group subsidiary, is poised to redefine luxury living in Singapore. With a vision of integrating modernity and nature, Hillock Green emerges as a sanctuary in the city's hustle. Let's delve into the details that make Hillock Green not just a dwelling, but a dream.

A New Era of Living: Hillock Green Condo's Visionary Arrival

Hillock Green: A Yanlord Land Masterstroke

Amidst the bustling city of Singapore, a serene enclave is set to emerge. Hillock Green Condo, an ambitious project by UEL, affiliated with Yanlord Land Group, has marked its territory with a staggering acquisition. On September 19, the announcement rang through the stock exchange: Hillock Green at Lentor Central is now under their wing, through a winning bid that set the market abuzz.

The Strategic Acquisition of Lentor Central's Gem

The procurement of the Lentor Central residential site by UED Alpha Pte. Ltd. and Forsea Residence Pte. Ltd. wasn't just a transaction—it was a strategic move. At a commanding price of $481 million, the vision for Hillock Green is clear: to cultivate an address that harmonizes the conveniences of city life with the tranquility of nature.

The Future Unfolds: Hillock Green's Blueprint for Luxury

Hillock Green stands on a sprawling area, a testament to architectural ambition. With plans to erect approximately 470 units, the blueprint for this residential marvel paints a future where luxury and comfort converge.

The Visionary Insight of UEL's Managing Director

Roy Tan, UEL Group's Managing Director, isn't just planning a development; he's crafting a legacy. "Our plan," he asserts, "is to create an attractive development that capitalizes on the property's attractive features like its closeness to lush vegetation, MRT and shopping facilities." It's not just a residence; it's a retreat in the urban tapestry of Singapore.

A Stiff Competition Over Hillock Green

UEL's triumph at Hillock Green didn't come easy. They faced a fierce bidding war, outstripping giants like Tanglin Land of CapitaLand Development and a joint venture between GuocoLand and Intrepid Investments. This victory signals not just a financial win, but a competitive edge in the real estate domain.

Hillock Green: An Urban Oasis Amidst Lentor Central

Hillock Green Condo is set to rise as a centerpiece in the bustling Lentor Hills estate. Here, residents will find a fusion of history, community, and modern convenience—a living experience like no other.

The Lifestyle Epicenter: Ang Mo Kio Town's Evolution

At the core of Hillock Green's allure is Ang Mo Kio Town, a vibrant blend of residential charm and commercial vibrancy. Here, tradition meets contemporary, offering Hillock Green residents a lifestyle defined by variety and convenience.

The Retail Heaven: Hillock Green's Shopping Galore

Imagine a place where your retail dreams come true. Hillock Green Condo offers just that, with shopping hubs like Ang Mo Kio Hub providing an eclectic mix of fashion, technology, and culinary delights—satisfying every whim and fancy.

A Gastronomic Journey: Hillock Green's Culinary Landscape

From traditional hawker delights to international gastronomies, Hillock Green Condo's residents are in for a culinary treat. The array of food options encapsulates the essence of global flavors, right at your doorstep.

Unparalleled Connectivity: Hillock Green's Transit Perks

In the Lentor locale, Hillock Green stands as a beacon of connectivity. Its strategic position means that the whole of Singapore is within reach, transforming how residents travel and experience the city.

The MRT Advantage: Lentor's Transit Lifeline

The Lentor MRT Station, a part of the Thomson-East Coast Line, is a game-changer for Hillock Green. It promises effortless access to the city's prime locations, making commutes smoother and days more efficient.

The Future of Travel: Hillock Green's Transit Vision

With the upcoming Cross Island Line enhancing connectivity, Hillock Green is set to benefit immensely. The reality of a cross-island commute will bring new opportunities, accessibility, and a more robust public transport network for residents.

Hillock Green Condo: Your New Address for Heritage and Modernity

Hillock Green is more than a residence; it's a bridge between Singapore's rich history and its dynamic future. With its dedication to preserving the charm of Ang Mo Kio's heritage while providing modern comforts, Hillock Green is the epitome of timeless living.

The Commitment to Greenery: Hillock Green's Nature Embrace

At Hillock Green, the commitment to green living is evident. With ample green spaces and parks, residents will revel in nature's embrace, finding balance and tranquility in their daily lives.

The Pinnacle of Modern Living: Hillock Green's Facilities

Hillock Green promises an array of facilities that cater to every aspect of modern living. From state-of-the-art fitness centers to serene pool landscapes, the condo is designed to foster a community where wellness and relaxation are a priority.

Conclusion: Hillock Green Condo - A Vision Coming to Life

As the landscape of Lentor Central prepares to welcome Hillock Green, the anticipation is palpable. This isn't just another residential development; it's the creation of a legacy where history, luxury, and nature coexist. Stay tuned as we continue to unfold the story of Hillock Green, where your dream of a perfect home is set to become a reality.