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Amazing portrait photography

Oct 19

puretouchphotography outlines the full process of getting amazing portrait photography!

The best portrait photography or at least the most memorable is always a story. When I began photography, my goal was not to rely on Photoshop tricks but to understand the Techniques required to get the best shots. The process is easy with Photoshop and other programs, but that's where the good photographers get separated from the great ones. The Great Ones are able to do the job in-camera with the right equipment and experience. Post-processing is not necessary.

People don't realize how much work goes into taking the perfect shot, even in today’s age of mobile phones and amazing cameras. It's essential that clients understand the importance of planning, researching locations, selecting the right equipment, and teaching them how to do it. This is how I communicate with my clients. If they are willing to work hard, the photos will always be extraordinary.

Pure Touch Photography will quickly show you that great images don't just happen. My clients have to do the hard work. When we work together, the results are always amazing. I will instruct, prepare, educate, and guide.

Here is a short article that explains how a photographer plans and executes to create a winning shot. Enjoy: