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Things to Do in Greensboro NC

Sep 30

What things to do in Greensboro NC can make you forget about the blues? A lot, actually. This quintessential southern town is proud of its history and is home to a very large number of cultural venues. Here's just a few things to do in Greensboro.


If you're looking for something to do in Greensboro, try something outdoors. There are many great parks in Greensboro. Learn more about the History Center through its website, or check out the artsy Bog Garden. Guilford Courthouse National Military Park is also a great place to go for day trips. The park features a museum, interactive exhibits and re-enactments tracing the civil rights battle at the International Civil Rights Center & Museum


Children will enjoy taking a day trip to the Little Theatre of Greenville. It is owned and operated by Jon Bitzer and features a stage, full of audience members, a lighting design shop, an on-site restaurant and more. For an extra special treat, make it a family affair by making their tour of the science center, the national archives or even the Bog Garden a family event. There are several other local theatres that host evening productions and day trips. These include:


Spring Garden Street plays an important role in the fabric of Greensboro. It is known as the "Greenville Way," as it is lined with many boutiques and specialty stores to help visitors find just the right gift or souvenir to take home. Some of the popular destinations include: The New York Times Square offers a wide selection of local produce, handcrafted furniture and antiques. Located at Fifth Avenue and Spring Garden Road, it is within walking distance of the city's public transit system and the sewer. Other local attractions include: the Bog Garden - North Carolina State University's recreation complex that includes a tennis and fitness center, the historic Adelphi Museum at the base of the U.S. Administration Building, the Catskill General Store that is home to one of the country's largest collection of homes for sale, the Carolina Blue Ridge Ski and Country Club, and the John D. MacArthur National Memorial.


If you want to be entertained while you are in Greensboro, you can head over to the famous Elms Street. Home to the "Elm Street Experience," this venue attracts thousands of visitors every year who enjoy seeing live bands perform musical acts and dance the night away. Among the top acts that usually come to the Elms Street Experience include the Guess Factory, Roky Scallywag, and Mr. T. Other local acts often show up as well. As an added bonus, if you bring your own car, you can even get to your hotel right on the street. In addition to the music, there is even a drive-in movie theatre.


If you're looking for something a little more spiritual, there are a number of overnight programs in Greensboro NC that can help you get to sleep the night away. One such program is offered by the Sea Trail Lodge which offers overnight accommodations, meals and crafts. Another overnight activity that's fun is the overnight Caribbean Cruise. There are also things like a pajama party and spa treatment available at the Sea Trail Lodge.


On your way out of Greensboro, you might want to stop into the International Civil Rights Center. This historic place is home to the first Black-owned home in Greensboro, North Carolina and will host a series of civil rights demonstrations throughout the year. Other demonstrations that are frequently held here include political demonstrations and town hall events. The International Civil Rights Center is open for anyone who wishes to learn more about the history of civil rights in the United States.


Finally, if you're interested in history and arts, you'll find a number of different events in Greensboro NC that will interest you. You can enjoy a free afternoon tour of the museum, take part in a free guided walking tour, or just walk through the grounds to see the sights. As you walk through you will find some interesting things such as a historically preserved plantation, a recreated railway station, and an authentic peanut brittle manufacturer. You'll also find the best barbecue in the area, some of the best art galleries and restaurants, and the best flea markets in the area.


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