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Oct 29

Wedding videos can be more than just a four-hour day with blurry photos and unprofessional music. Modern videographers can capture your precious moments and preserve them forever in digital formats that will not go out of style. There are so many portfolios to choose from, it can be difficult to find the right person to create an everlasting story about "happily ever thereafter". Wedding photography oahu hawaii has selected some of the most popular styles/techniques. Please enjoy our selection and let your creativity flow through us too.

Moments that are not traditional

This is a time for celebration for you, your partner, and all who supported this special day. While the traditional wedding video is focused on the bride/groom, clips are also shown of their families throughout the day. This includes any nieces and nephews who were there. Imagine everyone smiling as they are shown together, just hours before celebrating what is sure to be another happy anniversary with their loved ones.

Voiceovers and Interview segments

To show emotion, voiceovers and interviews can also be added to the video. Kevin's two-video collection uses this idea. It includes voiceovers from family members as well as recordings of Pei Yein's siblings discussing their childhood memories with her mom. This makes for a touching end project that will make you wet your eyes by the end.

Attractive Introductions

Your video doesn't need to begin with your morning preparations. Couples can pick a clip that they like best - typically one of the spouses speaking vows or someone addressing newlyweds. What about Eric and Shana's prelude? This is a video of them fighting in water on camera to film the day before their wedding. This could be more entertaining than the usual opening scenes. After all, sibling rivalry can spice things up every now and again.

Aerial shots

The drone (or flying robot) is used to film aerial shots of the couple. While most couples request aerial footage to capture romantic moments, Oliver and Weiyen wanted to record an exciting race sequence. Later, the heart-pumping music fades and video zooms into their bedroom with lights flashing. The scene pans as if you are waking up from a deep sleep. There's breakfast at your bedside when reality hits. We then see him open cupboards in this dreamlike scene, which is part of his wedding videography service known as "Ollies".

Stop Motion Savings

It is an absolute delight to see the video pre-wedding celebration by the Oahu videographer. The couple starts with captions and pictures before moving into the action. They blend stop motion animations and clips from moving films together to create an entertaining presentation of their relationship. The video was brief and sweet. It will include music, captions, and pictures. There was very little talking between the scenes!